The Monaco Grand Prix is a spectacular event held in late May of every year that has been in place since the 1920s. It has become a huge annual event that is highly patronized by people in Monte Carlo and all over the world. The history is intermingled with the history of royalty in the country.

The Course

The Monaco Grand Prix is known as being a race of glamour and prestige, which has a famous circuit of narrow streets, elevation, tunnels, and hairpin turns all over Monte Carlo and Monaco. It is a difficult course that tests drivers under reduced speed with dangers. The course tests the mental fortitude of drivers also because of the number of gear changes that can happen over 50 times in a lap. There may be over 4000 gear changes per race. The difficulty of the course and prestige makes a winning the pinnacle of some driver’s careers.

The Origins of the Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix was first created with assistance by Antony Noghès in 1929, which was also supported and viewed favorably by Prince Louis II. The original creation was made for Monte Carlo and was also supported by Monégasque Grand Prix driver Louis Chiron. Chiron thought that the principality was capable of providing an excellent track due to the general layout of the land.

The first Grand Prix was on April 14th, 1929, and the winner was Grover Williams driving for Bugatti. The race was without the big name car companies like Maserati and Alfa Romeo, although Mercedes did compete. The Monaco Grand Prix continued to attract more well-known companies and drivers from all over the world.

The Monaco Grand Prix came into existence out of the desires of drivers and royalty in a glamourous part of Europe. The circuit is challenging for drivers making it the pinnacle of Grand Prix racing.