Car racing in Monaco and the city of Monte Carlo has a long tradition and history. Some of the biggest moments in motorsport have happened in Monte Carlo including an incredible display of the mini’s power in the 1960s with some huge wins in the Monte Carlo Rally. Two of the biggest races in Monte Carlo include the Monaco Grand Prix which is held in the city and the Monaco Rally which passes through Monte Carlo.

Monaco Grand Prix

While the Monaco Grand Prix hasn’t seen a big mini win in Monaco, the race is a huge event that attracts thousands of people from all over the world to watch the race and a massive television audience. It is held in Monte Carlo on a circuit that passes the Condamine around the harbor of the principality of Monaco. While Monaco is not a cheap place to watch the Grand Prix, it is still possible for people with plenty of savings and a passion for the sport to attend races.

Monte Carlo Rally

The Monte Carlo Rally was created in the 1900s and has been part of the Monte Carlo regular events which people look to for enjoyment from all across the world. Minis were at the pinnacle of the rally scene in the 1960s. The cars had huge wins in 1964, 1965 and 1967 putting the mini right at the top of motorsports. The design and obscure look of the car made it hugely popular all over Europe and the world. The models have changed but the excitement and love for the Monte Carlo rally circuit continue. The Monte Carlo Rally continues to captivate audiences not just for the amazing thrills of the rally race but also because of the spectacular scenery.

Car racing is part of the Monte Carlo experience for many that live in the city and is equally important to television audiences that love Rally or Grand Prix driving.