The mini has a dedicated following of enthusiasts for a number of reasons and it is not just because of its unique design. Not only does the mini have many benefits for racers looking for speed, grip and turning but it is also a practical choice for many people seeking a sleek and affordable car for the city.

The Mini as a Practical Choice

The mini is still a wonderful practical choice as a car because it is very cheap to run. Fuel expenses are low for the vehicle even for longer trips. People are surprised at just how much maintenance is required for the mini. Simple maintenance like an oil change can be left for years although this is not recommended. What is the most obvious reason for driving the mini particularly in the city? The size of the mini is great for maneuvering through traffic and parking.

For Racing

People love to race minis because of their explosive speed and lightweight feel which makes the car seem almost impregnable to the turns on a track. The old-style minis have a lot of stability because of the side engine makes it easy to corner. Wheels at the corner of the vehicle resulted in a wide feel but easy handling. The placement of the engine places weight over the front wheels. Better balance and grip were the result. Large and powerful mini looks slow but does the opposite in many circumstances. The mini also had an extra reduction gear between the engine and the transmission which decreased the pressure of the gearbox. This prevents too much maintenance despite the cost of parts. The old-style minis were also easy to take apart due to the simply welded seams.

The mini continues to attract dedicated fans who appreciate the practical use of the car and sheer power in the city. Racers will also continue to appreciate the grip and turning of the vehicle amongst other features.