Monte Carlo is known as one of the wealthiest cities in Europe and the world but also has some spectacular sights. However, people are often unaware of Monte Carlo’s reputation as a good place to visit for their many casinos and gambling. This makes the city not only a beautiful place but a fun one as well for some people.

There are five casinos in Mone Carlo with some being the most prestigious in the world. There are also several casinos based on an American theme.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo

The most famous and architecturally beautiful casino in Monte Carlo and some would argue in the world is the Casino de Monte-Carlo. It was designed by Jules Touzet, a French architect and was founded around 1863. Even if you don’t enjoy gambling, the casino is still a magnificent building to look at, and it is one of the most popular places in Europe to get a photo taken.

Casino Café de Paris

Casino Café de Paris is famous in Monte Carlo for different reasons. It has many games, features and offers. It is positioned on the Place du Casino, which is another beautiful part of the city. It is best to get some great banking before entering and being amazed at the futuristic décor. Lights and different shades exist at different times of the day. Colours are bizarre and provide for different moods.

Sun Casino

Sun Casino is an American style type of casino in Monte Carlo with many American table games. It has one floor that looks sleek and modern. It has regular live music, sporting events, table games, slots and electronic games.

La Rascasse

Monte Carlo is a bar with a gaming area with a number of slots and casino games. DJs, live music, salsa and lots of music is available.

Monte Carlo is a beautiful, wondrous place with architectural buildings that are awe-inspiring with fun places like casinos to enjoy.